Precor Ramp Sleeves 32 3/4" (Set of 4)

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Precor Ramp Sleeves (Set of 4).

  • Pair these ramps with a set of Wheels to complete your refurb.
  • May be used on the following Precor models: 
    C546i  V2 serial # AA32, AAAJ
    C546i  Experience serial # AJME, AMTE, ATRE,AJPA,AMXA,ATTC
    C556i  V2 serial # AXFJ, AYXJ
    C556i  Experience serial # A949,A885,AYYE, AXGE),AYHC,AYZC
    C576i  V1 serial # AEWE, AGJE
    C576i  Experience serial # AA72, AACC, ADFA,AB36,AADW,ADFY
  • EFX-10-811 serial # AMXC
  • EFX-10-813 serial # AEXX
  • EFX-10-815 serial # ADFX
  • EFX-10-821 serial # AMXC
  • EFX-10-823 serial # AEXX
  • EFX-10-825 serial # ADFX
  • EFX-10-833 serial # AEXX
  • EFX-10-835 serial # ADFX
  • EFX-10-883 serial # AEXX
  • EFX-10-885 serial # ADFX

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