Life Fitness Life Cycle One Piece Crank Arm

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Life Fitness Life Cycle One Piece Crank Arm Chain or Belt Drive

OEM# 0K18-01281-0000

This part may be used on the following models.


LC7500 201-380 401-425 800000-804901

LC8500HR 738622 HBX740251

LC8500R 922826-UP CEC922300-UP


LC9100 815709-UP MBM810000-811946 MBP811947-811996 812757-UP

LC9100R 472000-482999 CEB476098-476900

LC9100T 81570-815713 815789-815809 819583-819592 819698-UP MBA811947

LC9500 202686-212727 CBB190000-199207

LC9500 CHAIN DRIVE 101-199 125001-149743 150043-150283 150417-15056

LC9500 CHAIN DRIVE 149744-150042 451-475 187772-18999

LC9500HR LC95S-0109-03

LC9500R 495553-503543 CEA638144-UP SLC410000

LC9500R CHAIN DRIVE 450000-465515 463901-483950 482999 468441-470319

LC9500R CHAIN DRIVE 483000-490681

LC9500R SLC100000

LC9500RHR 624330-UP SLC2 76000-UP CPO

LC9500RS SLC476000 CPO





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