Life Fitness Compatible Treadmill Running Belt 21.5" X 130.75"

Sale price$105.00


Fits: Elevation Series: 95T Achieve, Inspire & Engage
Size: 21.5" X 130.75"

Compatible with OEM# 0K65-01002-0000

NOTE: This belt requires lubrication. Deck must be in good condition or should be replaced.

This part is compatable with the following units:
LifeFitness 95T AST100000 Elevation
LifeFitness 95T TET100000 Elevation
LifeFitness 95T TEU100000 Elevation
LifeFitness 95T TWT100000-1 08898 Elevation
LifeFitness 95T TWT108899-UP Elevation
LifeFitness 95TXPS Explore BXT 100000 Silver 0101

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