LifeFitness Brass Wax Nozzle

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Brass Wax Nozzle

OEM # 0017-00009-0842

This part is compatible with the following units:

LifeFitness 93T_TTC100000
LifeFitness 93T_TTD100000
LifeFitness 95T_TTI100000
LifeFitness 95T_TTJ100000_SST100000
LifeFitness 95TE_TTE100000
LifeFitness 97TE_TTM100000
LifeFitness 97Ti_TTN100000
LifeFitness 97Ti_TTO100000
LifeFitness TR8500_352000-353476
LifeFitness TR8500_353477-354704
LifeFitness TR8500_354705-357695
LifeFitness TR8500_357700
LifeFitness TR9000_341200 & UP
LifeFitness TR9000_344637-344672
LifeFitness TR9000_CTC339500-341199
LifeFitness TR9100_330068-331134
LifeFitness TR9100_331135-333422
LifeFitness TR9100_HTK380000
LifeFitness TR9100_HTN10000
LifeFitness TR9100HR_333423-336775
LifeFitness TR9100HR_333423-336893
LifeFitness TR9100HR_345780-349474
LifeFitness TR9100HR_348981-349475, 349475-up
LifeFitness TR9100HR_349475-up
LifeFitness TR9100HR_CTL341749
LifeFitness TR9100HR_HTD330068
LifeFitness TR9100HR-31
LifeFitness TR9100HRT_336894-345779
LifeFitness TR9500_300000 - 302935
LifeFitness TR9500_HTL320000_ST R95,_STR96,_STT,_ST
LifeFitness TR9500_HTO100000_ST R95,_STR96,_STT,_ST
LifeFitness TR9500_STR_950000_CPO
LifeFitness TR9500-32
LifeFitness TR9500HR_302936-307687
LifeFitness TR9500HR_309479 - 313975
LifeFitness TR9500HR_313516 - 313566
LifeFitness TR9700_HTM100000
LifeFitness TR9700_HTP100000

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